Shanghai Alumni Association Annual Meeting Was Hel

Shanghai Alumni Association Annual Meeting Was Held Successfully in The 2014 New Year
On December 20, Sias International University Shanghai alumni association annual meeting was held at Shanghai garden village restaurant in the New Year of 2014 . President Li Hua, Office Director Zhao Fei, Alumni Association Director Liu Yanguo and 53 Shanghai alumni attended the annual meeting.
     During the Annual meeting of the Shanghai alumni association, the secretary-general Zhang Minghe reported the alumni work, he confirmed that the Shanghai alumni was committed to establish a platform for all the alumni that offers information and pools all Sias strength. After the presentation of latest promotional films, all the attendees saw the development and felt so proud of being a part of Sias. President Li hua delivered a speech on behalf of the school, he described the target of the university, that to build a top-class university in the future. now Sias is building internationalized campus (bilingual) with innovation and entrepreneurial characteristics. President Li stressed that Sias Alumni is not only one of the stakeholder and supporter of Sias, but also an essential assistance in the Sias strategy implementation. Afterwards, Office Director Zhao Fei delivered the Sias principle and the theme song to the alumni, and hope that the alumni could return to campus with open minds and practical experience so that all the students can be influenced. The association directors also proposed that the current difficult and suggestion in alumni developing, he believed the alumni association could be play an important role in gathering the alumni power and push forward the Sias development.
     During the annual meeting, some games were conducted that pushed up meeting phenomenon. Some alumni came up ideas on strengthening the power of Sias Alumni Association as well.