Sias International University shandong alumni asso

     Sias International University Shandong Alumni Association Opening Ceremony was held successfully
      On December 27, Sias Shandong Alumni Association Opening Ceremony was held in Jinan City Shun He international hotel 2nd floor conference room. FeiHeXiang party secretary of Sias, Office Director Zhao Fei and alumni association staff and 13 alumni attended the ceremony.
     On the ceremony, the Alumni Director gave a warm welcome speech which expressed a deep gratitude. He would undertake the task that to push forward the alumni development, to serve all the alumni and students. The play of latest Sias progaganda made alumni pride to be a part of Sias.
     Then, Secretary of the Party FeiHeXiang congratulated and sent sincere greetings regarding establishment of the alumni in his speech on behalf of the school . He mentioned that Siass reputation was spreading and it was on the way to be a internationalized University. He believed Alumni was one of an important measure to reflect the school personnel training, was a precious wealth of school development, so that the alumni should play a role as "three ties and a window". It played as connected role that gathered students and alumni at domestic and intentional level, it also could be an intangible asset to present the best side of Sias to the society. Secretary Fei said zhengzhou university and Sias alumni association would be combined as one integrated platform to share resources.
     The Office Director said Sias have made an obvious improvement both on campus infrastructure and soft power. Sias has been growing with a fast speed in the past 16 years, some issues were inevitable. Currently the Sias held more than 20,000 students and over 40,000 alumni, all of those can been seen a precious resources that generated ideas on Sias developing and problem solving. Zhao believed that with such a huge number of students, Siass issues could be solved. He said alumni association could be seen a place where Siass power gathered. He really hoped that alumni could go back home to share something with student on campus.
     Finally, the Secretary Fei Hexiang and the Office Director Zhao Fei issued the certificates for the alumni director. they also took photos to record this important moment.