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About KITE

Welcome to KITE!

The advocate to the New Economic GrowthTheory by Professor Romer and Lucas and the remarkable rising of Microsoft Corporation in the 1980s in the USA, has been considered as a sign thatknowledge evolves into a significant productive factor in modern society. Thereforeknowledge accumulation has served an essential role in economic development asthe knowledge-based economy has dominates in the economic form. The knowledgeeconomy is also seen as the latest stage of development in global economicrestructuring after agricultural economy, industrial economy and service economy. It has been marked as a new economic form that shapes by the upheavalsin information production, information allocation and information usage.

We are now in an era when the worldeconomic growth largely depends on knowledge producing, diffusion andapplication. The competitive advantages derive from knowledge management andinnovation within an entity. This is not only recognized by the private sector,but also has been approved by the governments and public service sectors. Theinnovation has been believed as an important and decisive factor in enhancing national pride and the overall strength; and is regarded as the soul and thedriven force to a nation also. A consensus has proven the emergence of powerfulnations must be based on a strong innovative capacity to go deeper adaptabilityto knowledge. This could be found the basis of innovation is management system,while the core of it is technology innovation. Hence, it can be concluded thatthe realization of sustainable economic development can be accomplished throughoriginal and integration technology innovation, advanced foreign technology implementation and incremental technology innovation by conducting internal entrepreneurship motivation.

KITE is committedto become an interdisciplinary, multi-platform, multi-national and an universal open research platform; providing intellectual support to regional, nationaland global economic and social development by combining the views generated from workshops, cooperative research of experts, scholars, business elites, government officials, other authorities and opinionated distinguished leaders.


KITE adopts diversity in working-force and researches. It encourages and supports people from various fields, such asscholars, researchers, business administrator and government official, toengage in exploration of the knowledge management, innovation theory &methodology, technology transfer, sustainable development and other advancedand inter-discipline study. Those innovative research outcomes will be anessential think-tank for business practice capacity elevating, competitive advantage exploring, government policy regulating and technology development planning.  

For the purpose of strengthening the policyof economic transformation and industry upgrading in Henan Province, KITE wouldbe actively participating and assisting with its China-US quality research and provincial-level airport experimentation location; therefore, the KITE can beattractive for talents and the joint-research would be conducted consequently.Moreover, the implementation of the joint-research outcome would promote theState-Level strategies of National Grain Production Base Construction, theCentral Economic Zone and Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive ExperimentalArea.

Four Pillars of KITE

Our research philosophy is to stress theintrinsic linkage among attributes and or factors between Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Economics as well as their complementarities. Hence KITE has been underpinned by the four pillars:

  • Knowledge Management

  • Innovation Theory & Methodology

  • Technology Transfer

  • Sustainable Development in World Economy


This center hasbeen sponsored by and affiliated with:

  • United Nation     Academic Impact

  • Science and     Technology Department, Henan Provincial Government, PRC

  • Shanghai     Technology Transfer and Exchange, Shanghai, PRC

  • Research     Center for Science, Technology and Education Policy, Zhejiang University

  • Zhengzhou     Yutong Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, PRC

  • Public Policy     Research Institute, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, PRC

  • China     Association for Management of Technology

  • Sias     International University


Professor Richard Li-Hua (PhD)

Professor Jie Li

Professor Andrew Zhao (PhD)

Professor Oscar Wang (PhD)

Professor Lotus Liu

Professor ZhitaoWang (PhD)

Professor Anthony David Rae Dickson

Professor Georges Haour

Professor FrancisR. Ille

Professor WilliamH. A. Johnson

International advisory Committee

Visiting Research Fellows

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Services that We Offer

Based upon ourcutting-edge research, we are dedicated to provide:

  • Collaborative research opportunities

  • Corporate and executive training

  • Staff and students exchange for research and consultancy

  • Expertise in areas of international knowledge management, innovation theory and methodology, technology transfer, sustainable development in world economy, etc.