Research Center for Innovation Management and Sustainable Development

    The Research Center for Innovation Management and Sustainable Development was established in May, 2012. Since its establishment, the research center targets at applying for National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education (Philosophy and SocialScience Planning Project), provincial projects (SocialScience Planning Project, Soft Science Project and Provincial Government Decision-Making TenderProject), focusing on the research into the industrial economicdevelopment and related policy and countermeasure and suggestion of Henan province; it also targets at applying for education teaching achievement award of the department of education, focusing on the research into the reform direction of education and teaching methods intheir own discipline.

    The main research areas include: industrial organization, industrial layout, industrial structure, industrial policy, and industrial cluster theory and practice research. Currently, the research institute has astaff of 7 people. It has the following characteristics that are a reasonableage structure, the optimization of professional title structure, and the mutualintegration and supplement of professional backgrounds. One member holds aPhD degree, and one member is doing PhD program, two members areacademic technology leaders of the Education Department of Henan province, and three members are young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Henan province supported by the financial aid. There are 6 people with associate professor titles or highertitles, accounting for 85% of all the members.

    Since the establishment of the center,the whole staff has put a lot of energy and efforts into teaching andscientific research and has achieved relatively rich research results. Inrecent years, the members of the research institute have taken chargeof 16 provincial or ministry level projects including the Project of National Natural Science Foundation, the Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project of Henan Province, the Provincial Government Decision-Making Tender Project, Soft Science Research Project of Henan Province, and have published 11articles in the CSSCI source journals, 15 papers in thecore journals of Beijing University.

    With all the work on the right track, the research center focuses on enhancing innovation capability, relies on the advantageous disciplines of business school, aims at the academic frontier and the need of the national and provincial development strategy, and strive toachieve ground breaking achievements in several areas.