Research Center for Financing and Auditing Development

The Research Center Accounting and Auditing Development wasoriginally established in May 2012, whose predecessor was "ZhuoYue"research team from the Department of Accounting of the school of business. Itcommits to the study on accounting, auditing, inter-control and riskmanagement, whose main research orientations include accounting theory andpractice, tax system, inter-control and risk management, auditing theory andpractice, etc.

      Currently, the research center has a staff of10 people. It has the following characteristics that are a reasonable agestructure, the optimization of professional title structure, and the mutualintegration and supplement of professional backgrounds. In terms of gender,there are 3 male people, 7 female people in the existing staff of theinstitute. From the view of age composition, there are 3 people aged 40 orabove, while the remaining personnel are aged 30-40 years old. From theacademic structure, they all have master degree. From the professional title,there are 5 people with associate professor, and 1 with senior accountant, andteachers with senior title account for 60% of the whole staff, the rest withmiddle title. From the point of view of professional background, the instituteexisting staff covers accountancy, chrematistics,engineering, finance, and business management and other disciplines, which hasthe strong difference and complementarity of professional background.

      Since the establishment of the researchcenter, the whole staff has put a lot of energy and efforts into teaching andscientific research and has achieved relatively rich research results. Inrecent three years, the whole staff, 1 as young backbone teacher of educationdepartment Henan Province, 1 as young backbone teacher of sias, 1 as part-timedirector of Henan provincial audit society, has won 1 first prize of theexcellent achievements in Henan province audit department, 2 second prize aswell, while a number of other awards of departmental level are won. More than20 academic papers have been published in the national core journals. 7projects at the provincial level have been presided such as the philosophy andsocial sciences plan project, the decision-making project of Henan Provincegovernment, the soft science research projects of Henan Province, while more 6projects at the department level are presided. Furthermore, the whole staff hasoften participated in many domestic and foreign large-scale academicconferences, such as China audit annual meeting, the national conference ofaccounting professional backbone teacher sponsored by China Renmin UniversityPress, the domestic academic conference of Henan accounting association, Henanauditing association, etc. The whole staff has also often participated inBusiness Forum of Business School giving academic lectures. In addition, inrecent three years, in the whole institute staff, there have been 7 peoplewining the "outstanding teacher" and "outstanding Partyworker", 2 people wining the "advanced individual of scientificresearch", and 2 people wining the "teaching excellence award".The obvious progress and improvement have been made in the teaching andscientific research.

      In the new eraaccording to the development requirements ofschool and the spirit of the instructions and guideline of the school leaders,the institute will be based on reality, look forward to the future, grasp themain theme of the times, vigorously promote the reform and innovation in orderto make more contributions to teaching and scientific research and exploringthe educational idea and method of Chinese-foreign cooperative education.