Research Center for Economic Development and Data Mining

 The ResearchCenter for Economic Development and Data Mining was originally established in May 2012, whosepredecessor was "ZhuoYue" research team from the Department ofEconomic and Trade of the School of Business. It commits to the study oncomprehensive, coordinative and sustainable development areas on population,resource, environment and economy basis. Main research orientations for teaminclude Energy-saving and Emission-reduction, Low-carbon Economy, EcologicalCivilization Construction, Science & Technology and Economic Development,and New-type Urbanization Construction, etc. Meanwhile, Modern EconomyInstitutes research area also includes human capital, international trade,financial system and innovation, and macro-economic statistical analysis.

       Currently, the research center has a staff of 11 people. It has thefollowing characteristics that are a reasonable age structure, the optimizationof professional title structure, and the mutual integration and supplement ofprofessional backgrounds. In terms of gender, there are 6 males, 5females in the institute. From the view of age composition, 2 of staffs aged40s, while others aged 30 to 40. From the academic structure, 4 members havePhD degree and another 2 are PhD candidates, accounting for 54.54% of allstaffs. From the academic title composition, there are one academic leader ofthe Education Department of Henan Province and 4 associate professors in theinstitute. So the proportion of members who have senior academic titles hasreached 36.36%. Besides, 4 members of institute will participate in seniorprofessional title evaluation work in 2014 of Henan Province. It could beexpected that this proportion will rise to 63.64% in 2015. As to academicbackground of members, research areas of different members contain laboreconomics, international trade, development economics, industrial economics,statistics, resources and environmental economics and other disciplines. Somembers could support and improve researches of each other from differentacademic orientation.

       Since the establishment of the institute, the whole staff has put a lot ofenergy and efforts into teaching and scientific research and has achievedrelatively rich research results. In recent three years, members of theinstitute has won two times second prize of the Excellent achievements inphilosophy and Social Science Award in Henan province, while a number of otherawards are granted by departmental units of Henan province. More than 30academic papers have been published in core academic journals in China. 10projects at the provincial level have been presided, such as the philosophyand social sciences plan project, the decision-making project of HenanProvince government, the soft science research projects of Henan Province,while more than 10 projects at the departmental level are presided too.Furthermore, members of the institute are invited to attend in some domesticand international academic conferences. These conferences include Chinainternational trade annual meeting, China economics annual conference, Chinalabor economics annual conference, China econometrics annual conference,Chinese statistics annual meeting, Cross Strait business intelligence and theapplication of statistical seminars, etc. And all members have participated inDoctoral Forum of Sias international university, Business Forum of BusinessSchool regularly. Institute members made an academic speech on InternationalConference on water ecology and environmental protection in 2013, whichsponsored by Sias international university. In addition, 9 members are grantedthe title of Outstanding teacher and Outstanding worker of Sias Universityin last three years. Four members are awarded excellence in teaching. Itcould be said that institute members succeed in both teaching and researching.

       In the new eraaccording to the development requirements ofschool and the spirit of the instructions and guideline of the school leaders,the institute will summarize and learn practical experience from brothercolleges and vigorously promote the reform and innovation in order to make morecontributions to teaching and scientific research and student education of ourschool teachers.