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SiasInternational University attached to Zhengzhou University to foster itspostgraduates in 2008 and was formally authorized to jointly start itspostgraduate education program with Zhengzhou University in 2011. The nationaleconomics and business management were approved to be the initiated majors inJune 2011 and began their recruitment since September 2012. National economicscourse includes two specialties: labor employment and national economicdevelopment; open economy and sustainable development. Business managementcourse includes three specialties: human resources management, internationalbusiness management and enterprise financial management. Currently there aresix qualified master tutors; four of them have doctor degree and all of themhave professor or associated professor academic positions. Business school hasbeen one of important schools to jointly foster postgraduate program inZhengzhou University.

Preferential Admission Policy

1. Studentswill be given scholarship amount to 3000RMB if they register SIAS InternationalUniversity as their first application choice.

2. Schooloffers the educational training scholarship for students: Arts: 5000RMB perperson per year, Engineering: 6000 RMB per person per year.

3. Theworkroom will be provided during the academic year.

4. 2persons share 1 room, and accommodation fees will be provided by school duringthe academic year.

5. Forstudents who are enrolled in master degree study will be given work-postjobs(teaching-assistant, research assistant and managing assistant)

6. Studentswould have priority in job recommending under the same applicant conditions.

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061 Zheng Zhou University Sias  International University

School of Business

Major Code, Names and Research Areas




Examinational  Subject


020201 National Economics

01 labor employment and  national economic development

02 open economy and  sustainable development

Zhao Xian Zhou 01

Wei Gui Ling  01

Wang Fei   02

101 Ideological and Political Theory

201 English (one)

303 Math(three)

801 Fundamental of Economics(Political EconomicsWestern Economics)

Second-Round Exam:Money and Banking;

Equivalent and  Interdisciplinary candidates will be taking Finance and International  Economics.

120202 Business Management

01 Human Resource Management

02 International Business  Management

03 Business Financial  Management

Wu Rui Jie01

Yang Jun 02

Ren Hong Yun 03

101 Ideological and Political Theory

201 English  (one)

303 Math(three)

802Fundamental  of Economics  (Political Economics,Western  Economics)

Second-Round Exam:  Accounting;

Equivalent and  Interdisciplinary candidates will be taking: Financial Management and  Business Strategic Management