Business Administration(Electronic Business Application)

1. Educational Objectives

This major is based on the guide of “The plan outline of the national medium and long-term education reformation and development from 2010 to 2020”, fully implementing the national education policy, following the rules of education, adhering to Chinese and Western culture and implementing international education; It also strengthen the practice teaching, aiming at improving the study ability, practical capability, ability of social adaptation, creativity and communication skills. The candidates of the major are educated to have excellent English skills, latest knowledge, strong capability and better communication skills. The goal of the major is to cultivate advanced international inter-disciplinary talents who grasp the basic theories and methods of electronic business and work in the industries of communication, information services, business, finance, securities, insurance, production enterprise and institutions or government, doing electronic business planning, practical operation and management.

2. Teaching Aims


Theories should be combined with the practice, can obtain new information and technology and the cross knowledge.

Abilities and Skills

Includes obtaining knowledge, application knowledge, practice of project, practice of management, creativity and entrepreneurship, communication and coordination, human-computer interaction, and English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


Moral qualities, cultural qualities, internet qualities, physical and mental qualities.

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: Management, Marketing, Western economics, Political economics, Accounting, Statistics, Management information system, the introduction of electronic business, Online marketing, Application of internet technology, VB.netASP.netSQL ServerWindows Server 2008,Webpage design, Electronic business and online economics.

4. Practice

Practice of electronic business, Electronic services, Webpage design and making, electronic business entrepreneurship and other theoretical courses.

5. Duration and Degree Conferred

Duration of Study: 4 years

Length of Schooling: 36 years

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Economics Management