Administration Management(Golf Management Oriented)

1. Educational Objectives

Taking “National Outline Program of Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development” as a guide, the major fully implements the national education policies, follows the educational law, insists combination of east and west, implements international holistic education; strengthens practical teaching, focuses on improving student’s learning ability, practical ability, adaptive ability, innovative ability, communication ability, aiming to develop talents with “proficient in English, armed with new knowledge, skilled in communication”, with high social responsibility, with high moral, intelligence, physical, fitness, aesthetics level that can meet the market requirements. This major aims to develop international advanced talents with proficient knowledge about contemporary golf operation management, economy, management, law, as well as the domestic and international latest findings in golf area. This major aims to develop the advanced talents with basic knowledge and techniques of all areas of golf management, as well as with operational management ability

2. Teaching Aims


1) Master the basic theory and techniques about contemporary golf management under market economy condition, familiarize the basic knowledge about economy, finance, accounting and law, understand the theoretical forefront and developing dynamics.

2) Master the qualitative and quantitative analysis used in golf industry management.

3) Familiarize the national principles, policies and regulations and international management practices and rules.

Abilities and Skills

1) Be with high ability of expressing, communicating, as well as the ability of analyzing and resolving practical problem in golf management practices.

2) Be with ability e to listen, speak, read, and write in English and to use computer to carry out business activity, master the method of literature search, data query.


1) Be with learning ability

2) Be with practical ability

3) Be with social adaptive ability

4) Be with innovation ability

5) Be with communication ability

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: Management, Accounting, Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Management System, Strategic Management, Landscape Planning and Designing, Golf Operation Management, Golf Swing Skills, Golf Club Management

4. Practice

Including practice teaching matched with course and practical teaching that reflect the basic ability to apply basic theory and technique in to practice (working as an intern, graduation dissertation, experiment course, social survey, social practice, course designing, comprehensive experiment and other academic activities)

5. Duration and Degree Conferred

   Duration of Study: 4 years

   Length of Schooling: 36 years

   Academic Degree: Bachelor of Management