1. Educational Objectives

This program is guided by “National Program for Medium-to-Long-Term Educational Reform and Development (2010-2020)”. Through implementing educational theories and policies of CPC and following the pattern of education, we fully strive to combine Chinese educational philosophies with Western and conduct international holistic education with practical teaching program strength. We put effort into students’ ability improving in various aspects including learning ability, practical ability, social adaptability, innovation capability and communicative competence. We are dedicated in training the students to be a popular and proficient-English speaker, with the professional knowledge, high-qualification and a strong sense of social responsibility. Through the program, our students meet the demands of economic and social development including all-round development of virtue, intelligence, physical conditions, mind status and labor. Our students can work in enterprises and government as an international, compound and applied senior management technician.

2. Teaching Aims


This program requires all students to master the basic theory and techniques of marketing management under market economy conditions and be familiar with the basics of business management related to commercial sales, customer service and other aspects. They also need to understand the theoretical frontiers and developments of the discipline.

This program requires all students to know the practice of principles and rules in marketing management as well as policies and international business management regulations.

Good English skills: listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are required. In addition, students are required proficiency in modern information tools (e.g. computer) for business activities and the skills of document retrieval and basic data querying. Students should be familiar with domestic and foreign target market geography, customs and social etiquette.

Abilities and Skills

Students could deal with all kinds of marketing practices with excellent application ability including plan, investigation, public relations, promotion and innovation.

Students should possess strong skills of language written expression, interpersonal communication and problem solving in enterprise management

Skills of research and practicality working capability are required.


Students possess an upright quality and a high sense of social and personal responsibility, and have a good work ethic and professional dedication.

Students possess the spirit of cooperation and innovation. They have a keen sensibility of new things, new environment, and new ideas.

When they face problems, strong willpower and self-confidence is the reason of their perseverance and strong psychological endurance. They work hard and strive to forge ahead constantly.

Students have a strong physique with good exercise and hygiene habits.

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: Marketing, Distribution Channel Management, Brand Management, Sales Management, Enterprises Marketing Planning, International Marketing Strategy (English), Selling Strategy, Retailing, Marketing Research and Prediction, Project Management.

4. Practice

Students enrolled in the program will be required to undertake practical teaching related both theory of curriculum related, such as English listening comprehension, Computer, Case Study, Writing and Speaking and PE etc.; and comprehensive application of specialized knowledge, such as Professional Internship Program, Dissertation, Laboratory Course, Social Investigations, productive practice, Curriculum Design, Comprehensive experiment and Academic Activities.

5. Duration and Degree Conferred

   Duration of Study: 4 years

   Length of Schooling: 36 years

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Management