Business Administration

No. 1 Business Administration

1. Educational Objectives

The Business Administration program is designed in response to demand for specialized graduates that addresses the issues involved in all aspects of business management. Graduates in this program is expected not just specialized with their professional knowledge about business operation and relevant laws, but could adapt to competition in global market. So they could be trained as high level English speakers and qualified employees with ability of innovation, effective communication and integrative skills. And some modules regarding to international business environment would be introduced to students to response to requirements of global and domestic environment. All designs of this program is guided by the Medium-to-Long-Term Educational Reform and Development of China (2010-2020) and educational philosophy of Sias International University.

2. Teaching Aims


     1. Proficient in basic principles and methods about business operation, finance and relevant laws in domestic environment.

     2. Understanding newest academic achievements about business administration.

     3. Familiar with relevant laws and regulation about business administration in domestic environment and related information in international business environment.

     4. Analyzed business management in both qualitative and quantitative methods.

     5. Good use of equipments and software which relevant to business.

Research Abilities and Skills

     1. Using professional knowledge to integrate group work and organizational management.

     2. Communicating effectively.

     3. Professional English speaker

     4. Good use of equipments and software relevant to business.


     1. High sense responsibility for society and organizations

     2. Spirits of cooperation, innovation and adaptability to unfamiliar environment.

     3. Communicating effectively.

     4. The ability to integrate learning and doing.

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: Financial management, Human resource management, Strategic management, Production and operations management, International business management, etc.

4. Practice

Practical modules are relevant to main courses including internship, dissertation, societal survey research and any other academic activity.

5. Duration and Degree Conferred

   Duration of Study: 2 years

   Length of Schooling: 23 years

   Academic Degree: Bachelor of Management