NO.3 Marketing

1. Educational Objectives

Fulfill state educational policies and embrace a combination of both Chinese and western academic elements to realize an internationalized holistic education using Outline of China's National Plan for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020)'as a primary guide.

Foster in students the ability to not only to improve their academic skills including creative thinking, excellent oral English, and strong communication aptitudes, but also to develop their social skills, for a greater sense of social responsibility and an awareness of socioeconomic development needs.

To train talents who Master the basic theory and methods of Marketing, and build the ability of engagement inthe operation and management of the various business in government and companies, and who are capable of international,composite and advanced applications.

2. Teaching Aims


     1. Mastering the basic theory and techniques of marketing management under market economy conditions, and familiar with the basics of business management related to sales, customer service and other aspects of industrial and commercial enterprises, to understand the theoretical front and developments of the discipline;

     2. Familiar with the relevant guidelines, policies and rules of national marketing management, as well as the practices and regulations international business management;

     3. Proficient in the use of English listening, speaking, reading and writing; proficient in the use of computers and other modern information tools to facilitate business activities; mastering the basics of document retrieval and data querying; familiar with the geography, customs and social etiquette of the domestic and foreign target markets.

Abilities and Skills

     1. Mastering basic skills engaged in various marketing business and practical work, with the abilities of planning, research, public relations, marketing, innovation and other applications.

     2. Building the capabilities for free oral and literal expression, interpersonal communication, analyzing and solving practical problems in enterprise management.

     3. Having the ability to conduct scientific research and practical work.


     1. to possess a good personal quality and a high sense of responsibility for society and individual, and to have a good professional ethics and professional dedication;

     2. to have a concept of cooperation and innovation, and ability to be sensitive to new things, new environment and new ideas;

     3. to build a strong willpower and self-confidence to face difficulties, to have a spirit of hard working and constantly striving to forge ahead;

     4. to have a strong physique to reach the national standard of sports, develop good exercise habits, pay attention to hygiene.

3. Discipline and Core Curricula


Core Curricula: Distribution channel management, brand management, marketing planning, international marketing (English), marketing science, Retailing, market research and forecasting, project management.

4. Practice

Including practical classes consist of those matching teaching practice theoretical teaching and curriculum, such as listening, computer lab class, case teaching, conversation and writing classes, physical education, etc., and those reflecting the comprehensive application of basic knowledge and basic skills of the major, such as professional internships, thesis, experimental class, social surveys, social practice, various types of production practice, curriculum design, comprehensive experiments and various academic activities, etc..

5. Duration and Degree Conferred

   Duration of Study: 2 years

   Length of Schooling: 24 years

   Academic Degree: Bachelor of Management