NO.4 Accounting

1. Educational Objectives

Fulfill state educational policies and embrace a combination of both Chinese and western academic elements to realize an internationalized holistic education using Outline of China's National Plan for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020)' as a primary guide.

Foster in students the ability to not only to improve their academic skills including creative thinking, excellent oral English, and strong communication aptitudes, but also to develop their social skills, for a greater sense of social responsibility and an awareness of socioeconomic development needs.

To train talents who Master modern accounting theory and methods, familiar with the laws, regulations and professional skill and norms concerning accounting, and build the ability of engagement in the operation and management of the various business in government and companies, and who are capable of international, composite and advanced applications.

2. Teaching Aims


     1.To master modern accounting and auditing theory

     2. Be familiar with accounting-related laws and regulations, and professional and technical specifications

     3.To be proficient in using computer and English language.                                          

Abilities and Skills

     1. With the knowledge of accounting and professional skill;

     2. To be capable to do accounting work and to provide management consulting, asset valuation and accounting services and other aspects of the business for the company;

     3. To be able to program using a simple computer programming language;

     4. And be able to make English translation and oral expression.              


Learning ability, practical ability, socially adaptability, innovation, and communication skills.

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, financial analysis, financial management, auditing, financial accounting (English), International Financial Management (English) and so on.

4. Practice

Practice in theoretical teaching and intensive practice. Practice in theoretical teaching in implemented mainly in the classes of teaching, and intensive practice consists of accounting practices, computer simulation and experiments by hand.

5. Duration and Degree Conferred

Duration of Study: 2 years

Length of Schooling: 13 years

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Management