E-Commerce /Electronic Commerce

NO.5 E-Commerce /Electronic Commerce

1. Educational Objectives

Fulfill state educational policies and embrace a combination of both Chinese and western academic elements to realize an internationalized holistic education using Outline of China's National Plan for Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020)'as a primary guide.

Foster in students the ability to not only to improve their academic skills including creative thinking, excellent oral English, and strong communication aptitudes, but also to develop their social skills, for a greater sense of social responsibility and an awareness of socioeconomic development needs.

To train talents who Master the basic theory and methods of e-commerce, and build the ability of engagement in the e-business planning, operation and management in the communications, information services, business, finance, securities, insurance, or production-oriented enterprises, institutions and government departments, and who are capable of international, composite and advanced applications.

2. Teaching Aims


To be able to closely integrate theory and practice and relate to new knowledge and new technologies, as well as be of cross-complex characteristics.

Abilities and Skills

To have the abilities of acquisition of knowledge, application of knowledge, engineering practices, management practices, innovation and entrepreneurship, communication and coordination, human-computer interaction, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English.


Moral quality, cultural quality, network quality, physical and mental qualities

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: statistics, management information systems, introduction of e-commerce, Internet marketing, Internet technology and applications, VB.net, ASP.net, SQL Server, Windows Server 2008, Web design, e-commerce and network economics.

4. Practice

Including practices in the courses of E-commerce practices, electronic services, website development and web design, E-Commerce Entrepreneurship.

5. Duration and Degree Conferred

   Duration of Study: 2 years

   Length of Schooling: 24 years

   Academic Degree: Bachelor of Management