Business Administration (Golf Management Oriented)

NO.2 Business Administration (Golf Management Oriented)

1. Educational Objectives

             The major is based on National plan for educational reform and development in medium and long-term(2010-2020), implemented the national education policies thoroughly, followed the educational regularity, adhered to the combination of Chinese and Western features and carried out international holistic educationStrengthened practice teaching and focused on improving students ability to learn, practice, social adapt, innovate and communicate; committed to cultivate talents who have proficient English, update knowledge, skilled professions, wide communication and social responsibility; who have comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic in terms of the needs of Chinas economic and social development; who master the basic theories and methods of golf management and familiar with relative laws, regulations and technical specifications of golf management. The major is devoted to develop senior professionals who have knowledge, skills and operational capabilities in all areas of the golf industry.

2. Teaching Aims


     1. Have a sound knowledge base of theories, concepts and principles of golf management, Learn the economic, financial, accounting and legal knowledge related to the golf management;

     2. Understand the qualitative and quantitative analysis related to golf management;

     3. Familiar with the relevant guidelines, policies and regulations in China and the international practices and rules of golf management.

Abilities and Skills

     4. Be able to develop an ability to apply theories in analyzing and solving problems; Have a strong capacity in interpersonal communication and expression;

     5. Be capable of using English to listen, speak, read and write; Be capable of using computer and other modern information tools for business

     6. Understand the basic methods of literature retrieval and information query and have the ability in scientific research and practical work.


Have a strong ability in learning, practicing, social adaptation, innovation and communication.

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: Management, Marketing, Western Economics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Fundamentals of Golf, Golf History and Culture, Landscape Planning and Design, Golf Swing Rod Technology, Golf Club Management, etc.

4. Practice

Graduation practice; Centralized practice in summer vacation; Class practice (such as Industrial and electronic sand table exercise, etc.)

5. Duration

   Duration of Study: 3 years

   Length of Schooling: 35 years