Logistics Management

NO.4 Logistics Management

1. Educational Objectives

This major is designed under the guidance of National Mid and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan and follow the educational regularity. The insistence of keeping a western and Chinese education style helps Sias University constantly conducts a very open way to teach. This course strengthens practical skills teaching and will equip you with the key academic knowledge and expertise needed to be creative, communicative and socially adaptable graduates. You will gain the skills in English learning, self-development and socializing, and be in a high sense of social responsibility and world citizenship. This will significantly enhance your ability to be competitive in employability nationally and internationally.

   This course aims at developing high-level applied talents who can be engaged in supply chain managing, practical operation management in the third-party logistics enterprises, especially the international logistics ones; and it also focus on developing applied talents that capable of working in government and enterprises as a supply chain scheming manager and logistic operation manager.

2. Teaching Aims

You will be able to:

     1. Master the basic skills and theories in logistic management, and understand the business operation in logistics, accounting and common law, grasp the idea of latest logistic development trends.

     2. Master the quantitative and qualitative research methods in logistic management

     3. Understand the enterprise market position and its upward and downward supply chain business operation; deepen the understanding of the coordination between enterprises regarding the supplying issues.

     4. Understand the logistic policy and regulation on both national and global scale.

     5. Develop a high standard of literacy in both English and Chinese, excellent interpersonal communication skills, and also be capable of solving problems independently.

     6. Conduct the business analysis with computer science assistance.

     7. Have a good health physically and mentally, meet the basic health standards requirements.

3. Discipline and Core Curricula

Discipline: Management

Core Curricula: Introduction to logistics management, operations Research, Logistics Transportation and Distribution System, Supply Chain Management, International Logistic, Production Logistics Management, E-Commerce Logistics, Logistics Management Information System, Warehouse Management and Stock Control, etc.

4. Practice

ERP Simulation Game, etc

5. Duration

   Duration of Study: 3 years

   Length of Schooling: 25 years