Guofu Zhao

Curriculum Vitae

Guofu Zhao

Senior Engineer

Management consultant

School of Business

Sias International University

168# Renmin Road, Xinzheng City

Henan Province, China, 451150

E-mail: 869696415@qq.com

Research Fields

Company strategy and IT management

Project strategy analysis and evaluation

Project management


MBA, Enterprise Development Strategy, Xian Jiaotong University, Xian, China, October, 2011.

Bachelor, Management Information System, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China, June, 1998.


Project strategy analysis and evaluation

Project management

Management information system

Enterprise development strategy

Working Experience

Senior engineer, School of Business, SIAS International University, Sep.,2013-preseant.

IT Manager , Henan Prosper Furs Company, Ltd. May,2007 C Aug.,2012

System Integration engineer, IT Project Manager, Branch Manager, Beijing Hua-xia Software Company, Ltd. Sep.2000 CApr.2007


An Analysis on the Critical Factors of the implement of Management Information System in the Company, Chinese and Foreign Enterprise Culture. Sep. 2014.

Research Projects

1. Research On The Promotion Of Construction Of New Urbanization In Henan Province And The Promotion Of The Integration Of Urban And Rural Development

2. An Empirical Research On The Assessment And Choice Of Mutual Exclusion Construction Project Based On The Incremental Internal Rate Of Return Of Investment