Jun Yang

Curriculum Vitae

Jun Yang

Professor of Economics, Senior Economist,

Master Tutor                          

School of Business

Sias International University,

Zhengzhou University

168 Peoples Road, 450051

Xinzheng Henan Province, China

E-mail: haysbtnzz@hotmail.com


Visiting Professor,Fort Hays State University, U.S.A.Sept. 2001-Feb. 2002

M. Ec,Shanghai Financial & Economic University,Sept. 1995-July 1998

B. A.Jilin University,Sept. 1978-July 1982


International Marketing Management (English volume)

Western Management Theories (English volume)

Marketing Principles (English volume)

Business Management (English volume)

Work Experience

Professor, Master Tutor,Sias International University, Zhengzhou University,September 2000-Present

Senior Economist and Manager of Import and Export Division,Foreign Economic & Trade Company Henan Province,April 1986-August 2000  

Instructor,Zhengzhou University,July 1982-March 1986


Advanced Teacher Award, Government of Henan Province, Sept. 2007

Management Award, Educational Bureau of Henan Province, Dec. 2004

Top Teaching Award, Faculty Competition of Sias University, Dec. 2003

Advanced Teacher Award, Xinzheng Municipal Government in Sept. 2002

Main publications


Global Marketing Management (edited as Custom Textbook) ISBN978-007-108916-6

McGraw-Hill Education, 2011(1)


1. Study on Issues of Technical Upgrading and Sustainable Innovation of Energy Industry in Henan Province

Advances in Energy Science and Technology, April 2013

ISSN1660-9336, included by EI

2. Study on Patterns of Urbanization in Rural Area of Henan

Anhui Agricultural Science, March 2013

ISSN 0517-6611, CN34-1076/S

3. Study on Developmental Issues and Countermeasures of Energy Industry in Henan Province

Economic Forum, September 2011

ISSN 1003-3580, CN13-1022/F

4. Research on Impact from RMB Appreciation and Countermeasures

ICPIM, July 2011, ISBN 978-1-457700357-7

Include by EI

5. Analysis on Issues between Energy Security and economic sustainability

Special Zone Economy, December 2009

ISSN1004-0714, CN44-1032/F

6. Study on Developmental Countermeasures for the Private Scientific and Technological Enterprises in Henan Province

ICPIM August 2010, ISBN 978-7-216-06457-6

Included by ISTP

7. Analysis on Issue between Energy Security and Future Economy

ICPIM, Aug.2009, ISBN 978-7-216-06098-1

Included by ISTP

8. Study on the Economic Development Pattern in Rural Areas of China

ICPIM Oct.2008, ISBN 978-7-216-05711-0

Included by ISTP

9. Study on Individual Income Tax and Income Disparity

Special Zone Economy, July, 2008

ISSN1004-0714, CN44-1032/F

10. Study on Issue of RMB Appreciation

Market Modernization, Aug. 2008

ISSN 1006-3102, CN11-3518/TS

11. Analysis on Issue of Individual Income Tax and reform

Journal of Henan Institute of Engineering, Mar. 2008

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12. A Study on Disfigurement of Soft HRM

Enterprise Vitality, Feb.2008

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13. A Study on Income Disparity and Harmonious Society

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14. Contrast between Soft HRM and Ethical HRM

Northern Economy, August 2007

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15. Building a Harmonious Rural Community-----A Study on Urbanization in Rural Area

Journal of Zhengzhou Economic Management Institute, December 2005

ISSN 1671-4989, CN-1290/F

Research Projects

1. Study on Paths to Achieve Rural Area Urbanization in Henan

Soft scientific research planning program of Henan Province, June 2013

(As a person in charge of this program)

2. Research on Current Situation and Development Issues of Energy Industry in Henan Province

Soft scientific research planning program of Henan Province, January 2012

(As a person in charge of this program)

3. Research on Existing Circumstances and Development of Private Scientific Enterprises in Henan

Soft scientific research planning program of Henan Province, September 2009