Fei Wang

 Curriculum Vitae

Fei Wang

Associate Professor of Economics

Director, Economy & Trade Dept.

Assistant Dean, School of Business

School of Business

Sias International University

168# Renmin Road, Xinzheng City,

Henan Province, China, 451150

E-mail: oscarpublic@126.com


Ph.D., Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, June, 2010.

MA, International Trade, Zhongnan University of Economics & Law, Wuhan, China, December, 2005.

BA, International Economy and Trade, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, China, June, 2003.




Trade Theory & Practice

International Trade English

Working Experience

Assistant Dean & Director, School of Business, Sias International University, Sept., 2011-Present

Post Doctorate, Applied Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University, May., 2011-Dec., 2013.

Associate Professor, School of Business, Sias International University, Mar., 2013-Present.

Member of University Academic Committee & Master Supervisor, Sias International University, Sept., 2012-Present

Lecturer, Economy & Trade Dept., Sias International University, Mar., 2010 CFeb., 2013.

Main Publications


[1] Human Capital, Export Trade Pattern and Economic Growth in China, Beijing: Science Press, Writer.(forthcoming)

[2] Low-carbon Economy and Export Transition, Zhengzhou: Henan People's Publishing House, December, 2011, Main Writer.

[3] Money and Banking, Beijing: Peking University Press, September, 2012, Editor.

[4] International Trade and Practice, Beijing: Machinery Industry Press, March, 2011, Editor.


[1] Fei Wang. Analysis on the Influencing Mechanism of Export Structure towards Industrial Structure in China: An Empirical Study Based on Trade-induced Technology Endogenesis Model[J]. East China Economic Management, 2012, 26(3).

[2] Fei Wang. On the Comprehensive Effect between Trade Structure and Industrial Structure in China[J]. Statistics and Decision, 2011, 19.

[3] Fei Wang. On the Environmental Effect of Export Trade in Henan Province: Based on Mutual Endogenesis between Carbon Emission and Economic Growth[J]. Ecological Economy, 2011, 06.

[4] Fei Wang. Structural Change Effect of Foreign Trade and Three Industries in China[J]. Statistics and Decision, 2011, 2.

[5] Xue Yang, Songhua Li, Fei Wang. Study on the Transmission of Money Supply: Based on a New Keynesian DSGE Model[J]. Management Review, 2011, 23(12).

[6] Lifeng Yu, Bosheng Deng, Fei Wang. Financial Development and TFP Growth: The Perspective of SFA[J]. Journal of Management Science, 2011, 24(4).

[7] Shangao Li, Changsheng Xu, Chunping Zhong, Fei Wang. Shareholding Structure, Bargaining Power and Long-run Economic Growth in International Joint Ventures[J]. The Journal of World Economy, 2010, 9.

[8] Danqing Liu, Fei Wang. The Imbalance and Remedy of Chinas Export Trade[N]. Guangming Daily, 2010-11-01.

[9] Fei Wang. The Symbiotic Relationship between Coal Mining Machinery Enterprises and Coal Mining Enterprises in China[C]. Proceedings of 2009 International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2009, EI & CPCI-S indexed.

[10] Fei Wang. A Correlation Analysis between the Foreign Trade of Non-governmental Enterprises and Economic Growth in China[C]. Proceedings of 2007 IEEE International Conference on Grey Systems and Intelligent Services, 2007, EI & CPCI-S indexed.

Research Projects

[1] Dynamic Warning of Coal Mine Security and Its Related Management Issues, supported by the 2012 National Social Science Fund of China, Grant No.12CGL101, Project Director.

[2] On the Foreign Trade Development of Henan Province from the Perspective of Industrial Security, supported by the 2012 Project of Henan Provincial Department of Science & Technology, No.122400440018, Project Director.

[3] Study on the Development of Emerging Strategic Industries of Henan Province: An Exploration of Layout, Path and Institution, supported by the 2011 Philosophy and Social Science Planning Projects in Henan Province, No.2011BJJ019, Main Participant.

[4] On the Low-carbon Economy in Henan Province: A Trade Transition Perspective, supported by the 2010 Philosophy and Social Science Planning Projects in Henan Province, No.2010BJJ016, Project Director.

[5] The Optimization of Industrial Structure in Henan Province Based on Trade Structure Transition supported by the 2010 Henan Provincial Government Decision-making Research Project, No.B693, Project Director.

Honors & Awards

[1] Second Prize Winner of 2012 Outstanding Achievement of Social Sciences in Henan Province

[2] 2012 Excellent Teacher of Henan Provincial Education System

[3] 2011-2012 Academic Leader of Henan Provincial Education System

[4] Second Prize Winner of Excellent Papers of 2010 Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics, Annual Meeting of Xiamen

[5] Top 10 Postgraduate Academic Elite of Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 2010

[6] Second Prize Winner of 2008 Outstanding Achievement of Social Sciences in Henan Province

[7] Winner of Outstanding Elite of Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 2009